The Weight They Carried

The Weight They Carried is a song written by singer/songwriter Justin Ploof as an overdue thank you to the veterans of the Vietnam War.  It's for those that came home and were treated poorly by those who opposed our involvement in the war.  The song is written in a first person narrative based on actual experiences by those Ploof knows, as well as interviews on the subject.

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Ploof comes from a long line of and proud military family.  He also shares friendships with many veterans, including those that served in Vietnam.  For a long time it troubled him how these veterans were treated upon coming home.  Finally one day, he thought to himself, "Well, what are you going to do about it?"  So, he set out to do the only thing he knew how to do - he created a story through music, hoping it would raise awareness of what happened.  The song touches on the pride many felt serving their country, just as the father's and grandfather's did before them.  It touches on survivors guilt that many soldiers faced when coming home, only to find a country that "didn't want them back".  In the end, the protagonist finds reconciliation and healing at the "The Wall" (Vietnam War Memorial).  

"This song is for all those that served honorably and bravely, only in the end, to feel like they've had to hide their service to our country.", Ploof said.  "I hope that this can help heal woulds that may still be open, be the 'thank you' they never received and lets them know how much we truly love and appreciate them.