The Weight They Carried is a song written by singer/songwriter Justin Ploof as an overdue thank you to the veterans of the Vietnam War who came home and were treated poorly by those who opposed our involvement in the war.


Written By: Justin Ploof
Produced/Mixed By: Casey Smith
Mastered By: Craig Holets


The Weight They Carried

I was born on the Fourth of July
To Stars & Stripes and American Pride
Granddaddy came back from a war in France
Then daddy fought a war against internment camps

I turned eighteen, I was bold and brave
Then I heard the call from LBJ
He said, “Son, I need you in a foreign land.”
So I said goodbye for Vietnam

Sent me down for my boot camp
To tear me down and build me back
They said, welcome to your home Fort Dix
You’re fighting for our politics

Then I found myself on my way to a foreign shore
Asked to fight another man I’d never met before
Lord please help me get back home

Marched all day in the highlands
With the sun in my eyes and a gun in my hand
Every day was like the one before
Hot as hell and when it rained it poured

Then a man on his throne in Saigon
Said take that hill till Charlie’s gone
Rest assured, we’re gonna win this war
But I was never sure how they were keeping score

Then hell rained down as we ran up toward a gun fire storm
Fighting for each other, we were brothers-in-arms
Young men died, and gave their lives, in this hell we call war
So why do I get to go back home

Found my way back to my home town
But there was no parade, no “job well done”
They spit on me and threw words like stones
Yellin’ baby killer and the list goes on

So I hid my pride for my service done
Until they built a wall for the fallen ones
I found my way to that wall in June
I saw people there healing wounds

Then a woman said, “Excuse me, sir.
You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you”
I was there the day you came home
I was there yelling the insults thrown

I’m so sorry for the things we said
You were the best of our generation, honorable men
Please forgive the things I did
I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive

I said, “I love my country, a country that didn’t want me back
So I’ll thank you kindly for that olive branch
Maybe one day we can find peace in a world all torn
Maybe one day we can stop sending our kids to war”

I was born on the Fourth of July
To Stars & Stripes and American Pride